4MOTION all-wheel drive
Superior control for whatever, whenever

Life can be unpredictable, just like the roads we travel on. Sometimes you may find yourself in unfamiliar terrain and require complete confidenceto navigate with 100% control. Introducing 4MOTION technology; efficient, capable and unique to each vehicle to ensure you get the most from your drive.    

Independence to go anywhere

An essential part of driving is being equipped to go anywhere you need. 4MOTION makes unsealed roads, towing caravans, visiting worksites, and even driving on snow effortless. Volkswagens with 4MOTION feature a different all-wheel-drive setup, multi-plate clutch, Lockable Centre Differential and Torsen Differential to maximise the efficiency and performance the vehicle.

Electronically controlled multiplate clutch

Enhances sporty capabilities

Sit back and enjoy a smooth drive in the Golf, Passat, T‑Roc, Tiguan, Tiguan Allspace, Arteon, Transporter and Crafter. 

The multiplate clutch system automatically gathers information using the driver’s actions, engine performance, and transmission and brakes so it can control the transfer of torque.

Whether you need maximum torque shift in tricky situations or when accelerating – or less when taking sharp corners or parking – the system can offer better performance and respond quickly in dangerous conditions.

If it is sensed the front wheels won't be able to provide enough traction, the system will distribute power to the back pair, until both axles are moving at the same speed. The system also ensures improved fuel efficiency, compared with permanent four-wheel drives.

Lockable Centre Differential 

Divides power equally

The advanced 4MOTION permanent four-wheel drive system on the Touareg underpins its impressive off-road capabilities.  

4MOTION for the Touareg is a full-time all-wheel-drive system requiring no driver input. With this system, the car takes to any terrain with ease and can transfer up to 70% of torque to the front axle and up to 80% torque to the rear axle giving you the maximum amount of grip when you need it.

When driving In normal operation, torque distribution between the front and rear axles is smoothly adjusted as a function of the amount of slip. The centre differential can also be locked to maintain a fixed drive torque split as power is sent to the front axle by way of a bevel gear. 

Torsen Differential 

Improves off-road traction

Amarok 4Motion now includes up to four drive modes as well as mechanical locking rear differential and downhill decent control.

Amarok driving on rough road

2H Two-Wheel Drive, on-road selection

  • For general driving on the road with power transmission only to the rear wheels.

4A selectable All-Wheel Drive, automatic mode

  • Four-wheel drive auto provides electronically controlled four-wheel drive power to both the front and rear wheels, as required, for increased traction in varying on-road conditions. (Only Available on Style V6, PanAmericana and Aventura models)

4H selectable All-Wheel Drive

  • Four-wheel drive high provides electronically or mechanically locked four-wheel drive power to both the front and rear wheels for use in off-road or winter conditions such as deep snow, sand or mud. This mode is not for use on dry pavement.

4L selectable All-Wheel Drive

  • Four-wheel drive low provides electronically or mechanically locked four-wheel drive power to both the front and rear wheels for use on low traction surfaces, it does so with additional gearing for increased torque multiplication. This mode is only for off-road conditions such as deep sand, steep slopes, or pulling heavy objects.

R-Performance Torque Vectoring

Power that works smarter, not harder.

Our cutting-edge control centre distributes power where you need it, so you can traverse any landscape with ease.

The new 4MOTION system with R-Performance Torque Vectoring is the new control centre that distributes variable output to all four wheels of the Golf R, Golf R Wagon and Tiguan R, improving agility on the road and precision through corners.

The all-wheel drive system is integrated with the Vehicle Dynamics Manager, allowing it to communicate with the other running gear systems like Extended Electronic Differential Locks and Adaptive Chassis Control to offer optimum traction control, neutral handling and purposeful performance.

In high performance environments, R-Performance Torque Vectoring counteracts any understeer caused by the 4MOTION all-wheel drive system by directing more power to the outside rear wheel, helping to support accurate, trustworthy and fast cornering.