Volkswagen T-Roc R and Grid Edition.

T‑Roc R
It’s an R thing

  • 221kW
  • 400Nm
  • Acceleration 0-100km/h4.9 seconds
  • Fuel efficiency (Combined cycle)8.0 L/100km
  • Luggage capacity392 Litres

Give in to the thrill

It starts with swelling excitement at first glance. Start the engine and your skin will start to prickle. Feast your eyes on the premium performance-inspired cabin and you’ll know you’re exactly where you want to be. By the time you press down hard on the accelerator pedal and take your first corner you’ll be won over completely. There’s no feeling like it. There’s nothing like the T‑Roc R.

T-Roc R on the road

Discover stunning performance

There’s no mistaking the raw and invigorating feeling that comes with pushing the T‑Roc R to the max. Driving anything else just feels like second best.

Rear side of the Volkswagen T-Roc R parked on the roof with man walking towards it.

Designed for impact

With its lowered sports suspension, imposing confidence and completely unique design features, the T‑Roc R makes an immediate and indelible impression.

Man on the driving seat holding steering wheel.

Feel your pulse quicken

It’s hard to explain the thrill of driving an R vehicle until you do. Experience the exhilarating performance and precise control offered by the T‑Roc R and you’ll soon understand.  

Customise your own T‑Roc R

The T‑Roc R incorporates an outstanding array of features as standard, but you can always customise your T‑Roc R further with optional packages.

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T‑Roc R Offer

MY23 T‑Roc R 7-Speed DSG from 
$64,990 Driveaway Plus $3,000 Factory Bonus5

T‑Roc R Offer

MY23 T‑Roc R 7-Speed DSG from 
$64,990 Driveaway Plus $3,000 Factory Bonus5

T-Roc R front driving

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Offer ends 30/06/2024

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With style like this, it can only be an R

The T‑Roc R’s sharp and confident exterior design is matched by the outstanding levels of comfort and style offered by its cabin.   

Sporty SUV styling  

Performance-inspired design finds pure expression in the T‑Roc R. Exclusive R features such as a newly designed radiator grille with R logo, blue brake callipers, roof spoiler and rear bumper in body colour, and exposed dual chrome exhaust tailpipes combine to make the T‑Roc R a true statement piece.

Experience adrenaline-pounding fun

Nothing puts your senses on high alert like R vehicle performance. Drive the T‑Roc R and find out what pure excitement feels like.  

Potent engine power  

Unleash the best in T‑Roc performance with the R’s riveting 2.0-litre turbocharged TSI petrol engine. With 221kW of power and 400Nm of torque at your disposal, the T‑Roc R has all it needs for outstanding acceleration from a standing start and effortless high-speed cruising.    

Level up with T‑Roc R technology

Innovative technology and unsurpassed levels of digitalisation and connectivity make driving the T‑Roc R an unforgettable experience.  

Infotainment at your fingertips

There’s a world of infotainment options waiting for you when you use the T‑Roc R’s new tablet-style Discover Pro navigation system. With its impressive 9.2-inch display screen, touchscreen and proximity sensors, the Discover Pro is the fun way to access your favourite music, podcasts, apps and more.

Ultimate protection with IQ.DRIVE

Intelligent IQ.DRIVE technology in the T‑Roc R incorporates a suite of intelligent assistance systems to support and protect you and your passengers8.

Illustration of Travel Assist system in T-Roc.

Keep a safe distance

Maintain a comfortable and safe space between you and the traffic in front with the use of Travel Assist. It incorporates clever Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Assist technology to control steering, accelerating and braking independently of the driver8.

Park assist guidance of a Volkswagen.

Trouble-free parking

Take the hassle out of parking in tight spots by using the T‑Roc R’s front and rear sensors, rear view camera (RVC), audio signaling and visual display guide to manoeuver into position. You can even rely on Park Assist for assistance with steering into a vacant space. All you need to think about is operating the accelerator and brake pedal8.

Accident prevention system in Volkswagen T-Roc.

Extra protection when it’s needed

By using a radar sensor, Front Assist can detect if a collision is about to take place with the vehicle in front. It issues a warning to the driver and prepares the T‑Roc R for braking. If no driver response is detected, the system will automatically brake the vehicle, thus helping it avoid, or minimise, the effect of a collision8.

Express your individuality with optional extra features

Black Style Package